Thursday, March 24, 2011

Uncaring, incompetent or just plain lazy?

On a recent visit to my doctor, I paid with a check. Four days later I received a bill for the same amount. Filing error. My band performs at a private party for a large organization and we are paid by check which bounces a week later. A banking error which takes numerous phone calls and several visits to resolve. A friend goes to a lawyer who seems very interested in her case. Weeks go by and she hears not one word. After a while she gets an e-mail saying that the lawyer had misplaced her information. It goes on and on. Yes, I know, to err is human. Blah, blah. I am as human as one can get...

Just about anyone could tell a similar story. But, why? Has it always been this way? This bad? Not to my recollection. Most of us just put up with the inconvenience and blame it on the fact that people are too busy. Really? I don't think so. Unless you call texting and surfing and chatting, etc.,legitimate reasons for the lack of time. My conclusion is that people are becoming more lazy every day.
Like most of you, I have been an enabler but, I am done with this nonsense. From now on, anybody screws up and I'm calling them on it. No more letting it slide. If you mess up my bookkeeping or 'forget' to pay me on time, you are going to hear about it. If you make a promise, you better keep it. If we are meeting somewhere, be on time. And if I order a happy meal, my fries better be in the bag. So, sign off facebook, get off the phone and stop being so damn lazy!

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