Friday, April 1, 2011

You're Stupid!

You're stupid and so is everyone else in the U.S. of America. Our Presidents, congress, businessmen and workers. Me, too. We must be. Don't tell me you were so busy that you didn't notice anything wrong. The facts were right there in front of our noses. We all knew that most of the world was underdeveloped. We all were aware that there were a billion or more people who merited an increased standard of living. People who were going to need jobs. People who were eventually going to catch on to us and come after our money and resources. Shouldn't we have anticipated that labor would be cheaper in developing countries and that we couldn't continue to compete on that level. Not a one of us knew that we would be challenged in education, really? Sorry, stupid. We just stood around blaming each other or immigrants or aliens or zombies. Whatever. (Illegal aliens is a subject for another time). Arrogance is bliss I guess. Yeah, so is ignorance...

  Let's have a look at the situation. We import almost everything. Most of which comes from countries (one in particular) which use slave labor ( hey, about that civil war) and undervalued currency. We have high business taxes compared to other industrialized countries. (Yes, we do. I'm not talking tax cheats. They should be in jail). We have corporations taking obscene profits and CEO's making ridiculous salaries and bonuses. We've had unsustainable growth in wages (public), benefits, social services, defense, etc. The size and scope of government and it's authority has grown exponentially. Half the country is angry and the other half is just plain mad. (You decide). We are on a path of eventual collapse.
  Now, politicians and presidents in particular, always want things to appear well under their leadership. When running for election, the sky is falling. Once elected, they paint 'rosy' scenarios or improvement.  I really don't care which president we are talking about. Not one of them had or has a good plan for the future of the U.S. It's not because they don't care, I don't believe they see that far ahead. They are shortsighted like most people. Many people laud Bill Clinton's economy but, I see it as a lost opportunity. I really hated the false sense of security. Every mother's son and daughter was a stock market genius. Yeah, it's Bush's fault. Right. It's a collective thing. 
 Can it be fixed? I'm doubtful. It would call for great leadership from an individual willing to sacrifice their own career. Someone who trusted and had faith in the electorate. Someone who cared about the country more than their political party. Someone to tell us what is really going on and what the plan is. Does this person exist? If so, they haven't surfaced yet.

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