Friday, April 8, 2011

Footwear My Foot

I'm not a huge shoe guy or anything but once in a while I have to spring for a new pair. Once upon a time I only kept five pairs. Two pairs of dress, one 'knock around', one sneaker and one set of work boots. I didn't know the difference in a good shoe vs a bad shoe. I'm much wiser now. I like to keep my feet happy! Here's the point; I don't seem to be able to find well-made shoes. Sure, I could go to NYC and find a pair or two. I could order them online but that would mean no try-on. Plus, I like to buy local. So, once again, I go to the mall. Every store, same thing. Made in China. Man-made materials. No leather. Six stores. Nothing. I found one pair made in Bangladesh but, the toes were a good two inches longer than normal. Most stores were selling the same exact shoe for various prices. Really! Wound up going to Payless and buying the cheapest shoes I could find.
FYI, all of my old shoes, with the exception of sneakers, were either made in Italy or Brazil or Venezuela. And contained some leather.

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