Thursday, January 7, 2010

What do liberals want?

Just wondering what the liberal ideal is all about. Equality for all? What does it mean? Does everyone get the same allowance each month from the central government? Do we all have the same size family? The same size space to live in? A monthly food supply containing all the necessary vitamins and minerals to sustain life? What about height and weight requirements? I could go on and on but, you get the idea.
Do people even think long term anymore? Big picture? Seriously. Has anyone thought these ideas through? Or are people just too trying to survive?
I'm just trying to understand how liberalism would play itself out. You tell me.


  1. Liberals are not socialists. Sure we want equality for all, meaning equal opertunity for all that are willing to work hard. We do not want handouts from the goverment, we want a fair shot at the american dream. You have a idea, you put it into practice and you make a profit. A fair profit. You can have what ever size family you want, however you should be able to support that family yourself. You should not be told by your church or goverment what type of birth control you can have. And No, abortion is not birth control. I have never met a pro abortion person. No one is pro abortion. I just believe the choice is up to the person whose body is involved in the process. Everyone should live in housing that they can afford. If you work hard you can get a better one. You should be assured a proper diet for basic health, and if you want more than that you should work for it. I think Goverment should be here to help us, not tell us what is right or wrong as long as we are not commiting a crime. I don't mind paying taxes, if they are used for the common good. I'm not religeous, but I believe in the principals of the sermon on the mount...Rick

  2. Oh, and I also think everyone should have the right to good health care. American has the best in the world, and our Doctors, nurses and hospital are second to none. All should be free to charge a fair price and make a good living.. Now to insurance companies.. They are nothing more than parasites. The only health they are worried a bout is the health of the bottom line. I have more trust in goverment workers thant Insurence executives. Goverment workers are there working for a wage. They have no agenda. Also, there is no such thing as a liberal agenda. You get four liberals together and they can not agree one a singal thing. Conservatives are the only ones that can stick together on an agenda.

  3. I was just asking a question. I think most people want the same things in life. I said; "MOST people." There are plenty of greedy, power hungry people out there, in government as well as the private sector.
    No one is preventing you from pursuing your dreams. At least not yet.
    You say not all liberals are alike and I agree. I have many liberal friends who are only interested in helping the less fortunate. Unfortunately, I also know the smarter- than- everyone- else type, who think they have all the answers.
    Conservatives are not all alike. I am fiscally conservative in my personal life which makes it impossible for me to support wasteful government. Socially, I don't think anyone should dictate the way we conduct our private lives as long as we are not harming others. This is where both sides lose me. Christian conservatives want to control your body and soul. Hard left liberals want to control your body and your mind AND make you pay them for it.

  4. Well, I must say I don't disagree with what you have said. It's too bad that we have got to the point where we have divided ourselves into opposite camps hurling insults at each other. The only people benefiting from this is the radicals on both sides making a living from stiring up hatred. If we can just keep up the dialogue without reverting to "talking points", we might just talk things out and fix our country.. We should be Americans first, as we will never win this fight if we keep dividing ourselves over things we actually agree on.