Friday, January 8, 2010

Drugs War! Why?

What is the rationale behind the drug war? We will become a nation of addicts if, we don't spend billions chasing down people for using illegal drugs. Really? We are already a nation of addicts. Alcohol, pain killers, anti-depressants and sleep-aids. Tobacco and caffeine. Hey, I'll admit it. Maybe people who avoid drugs now, will say; "Now that it's legal, I'll start getting high every day". Somehow, I doubt it. Some people might but, I'm willing to take that chance. Why?
Because the drug war isn't working any better than Prohibition. In fact, the results are largely the same. Crime involving drugs is running rampant, law enforcement spends resources needed elsewhere, and the "Drug War" itself is just an excuse for higher taxes. Progress? Hardly. More importantly the "Drug War" aids our enemies worldwide. From Mexico to the Middle East, we are funding war lords and terrorists. This is one 'war' we can surely do without.

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