Thursday, November 26, 2015

Oh, Well.

Oh, Well. That's Okay. 

  When did it happen? Where was I? How did I miss it? It's as if the whole world changed and nobody noticed. What am I ranting about? I want to know why we have learned to accept things that are so bad for us. We just except banks and corporations 'too big to fail' and gigantic food companies controlling nutrition. Pharmaceuticals, energy, building supplies, food. You name it, it cost more. Not just a little more. A lot more. Even though the cost of  a barrel of oil is relatively low, there is no corresponding drop in consumer goods prices. Oh, Well. That's Okay. 

   High unemployment? Oh, Well. That's Okay. 

   How about education? The cost of going to college is through the roof. Yet, the actual learning experience is, in my opinion, purposely omissive. History? Nah. Geography? Nah. Yes, yes. Focus on Math and Science and you can work for an international corporate entity. That's fine. But, who are we? What are we doing here? How did we get here? It really does matter. Maybe not to 'Globalists' but, it does matter. 
  Why do we accept heavily armed police and military patrolling our cities? Believe me, I'm thankful that we have that protection. I am unhappy that some in government disrespect these men and women. But, why do we except this world we live in? Is it true that we can't defeat a handful of 'terrorists' and that we have to accept this as a fact of life? For how long? Forever? 

    Oh, Well. That's Okay

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