Thursday, June 9, 2011

Progressive and (Maybe) Visionary

The term progressive just ain't what it used to be. Some of the current administrations policies are reminiscent of the Progressive Era. Most of the policies however, are more about taking over industries and businesses instead of dealing with any kind of corruption. The idea seems to be that if only the 'correct' people where running everything, there would be no corruption and therefore, no problems. That somehow one group of people (based on ideology) is superior to any other and is not subject to human weakness. These people wouldn't ever steal or lie or cheat because, well, they're just superior. They would just 'guide' us along the way to make enlightened decisions based on theories by swell folks like Karl Marx or Mao (Tse-tung) Zedong. We can see how well these wonderful ideas have worked in other countries and yet some, still give them credence.  Oh, well. That's progress.
 Some people see themselves as Visionary. And, perhaps they are in a sense. In a delusional sort of way. I say this because it occurs to me that they haven't thought things through. The idea that a large central government would ever be made up of superior and super-enlightened beings, who were corruption free, is silly. While I can understand the strong desire to be taken care of from birth until death, this is not the current state of human nature. People are flawed. Politician have, if anything, shown themselves to be as flawed as any one of us. Just look at our Congress. They are all wealthy. (Don't say they aren't. Once elected, they don't have to worry about money.) They vote raises for themselves, they have great medical insurance and many, many other benefits. All the while pretending to empathize with the rest of us. Yeah. Like rock stars and sports figures. They 'remember what it was like', when they didn't have money. Sorry, but a gigantic government isn't the answer. A few centuries from now, if and when, we are more evolved, maybe honesty and integrity will rule. For now, we need all the checks and balances we can get. Here's my vote for divided government and real political debate. I know.Visionary.

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